What Causes Hemorrhoids and How Do You Get Chronic Piles Symptoms to Shrink

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Expert: Dr. Susan Jewell explains what causes hemorrhoids in this excellent Video.

What causes hemorrhoids are not fully understood by the experts. However, there are many indicatory factors pointing to exactly what causes your hemorrhoids chronic pain, itching and bleeding. These are factors that you can immediately address and use in your favour for how to shrink hemorrhoids and get quick natural relief for these sensitive painful swollen piles symptoms fast.
By addressing the actual root causes of hemorrhoids problems is your only true guaranteed solution to getting complete and permanent relief from your hemorrhoid symptoms.

Using OTC creams, ointments, lotions and so on do not address the root causes of piles and they are never ever going to give you permanent relief. This means that you will suffer over and over again from hemorrhoids and all of the embarrassing situations that go hand in hand with this undignified anal problem for the rest of your life.

However fortunately for you, it is not the end of the world. There are many excellent natural hemorrhoid treatments that will bring quick permanent hemorrhoid relief in a very short time span. No matter what are the causes of your hemorrhoids.  For example if your hemorrhoid is naturally occurring due to your life style habits or is caused by pressure on your veins from pregnancy or after child birth (labor, labour) these treatments works.

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How do You Get Hemorrhoids?

Some of the common causes as to how do you get hemorrhoids are as follows:

Bathroom Habits

Straining during a bowel movement:

The veins around your anus can easily stretch under pressure. If you are trying to force a bowel movement you are automatically putting extra pressure on these veins. As a result they may bulge or swell due to the strain and weaken. Now, if you do this often enough you are going to develop swollen inflamed veins or painful hemorrhoid symptoms.

Hemorrhoids and Diet

If you are continuously straining during a bowel movement, it is a good indication that your diet needs to be addressed. Low fibre diet and diets that are high in processed foods and animal fats will cause straining and on occasions constipation. These are major trigger factors of hemorrhoids symptoms.


Dehydration or lack of water is another factor that is implicated in the hardening of stools. This is because hardened stools are less self-lubricating and can cause constipation. As you strain to force out the stool from your anus the increase in pressure in the lower rectum can easily cause swollen veins or piles to develop.

How do you get Hemorrhoids by Sitting?

Sitting for long periods of time- be it on the toilet, couch or desk-bound in an office are also some trigger factors for hemorrhoids formation. Again being inactive in this position for long periods puts increase pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins around your anus. Over time and together with other contributory trigger factors they could well be precursors for developing piles problems later.


Some of the main causes of obesity are eating too much junk or processed foods and lack of exercise. Many junk foods lacks fibre and can cause constipation and straining resulting in causes of hemorrhoids symptoms to develop. Obesity also causes you to put extra excess pressure on you anal veins when sitting.


Like obesity it puts extra pressure on your hemorrhoidal veins leading to cases of piles symptoms.

Sexual Diversity

Anal intercourse again causes pressure, stretching and weakening of the hemorrhoidal anal veins leading to piles symptoms.

Low Fibre Diet

This can cause chronic constipation resulting in severe straining. The hardened larger compacted feaces can also cause stretching of the hemorrhoidal veins as it is expelled resulting in bleeding and eventually painful itchy hemorrhoidal symptoms. It is one of the main precursors of what causes hemorrhoids.

Heavy Lifting

Puts extra pressure on the hemorrhoidal anal veins

How to Shrink Hemorrhoids Symptoms During Pregnancy

To shrink hemorrhoids during pregnancy simply follow all of the steps above. Take special care to do them correctly and you will go a long way to getting rid of your hemorrhoids or at least getting some fast relief.

Other things to try that have helped bring great comfort is the Sitz Bath. Ask at your local Chemist if they can get hold of one for you. If not, simply use your own bath. Fill it up with a few centimeters of warm water, enough to emerse your anal area. If you like, you can add some Dead Sea salt and or Epsom Salt to help calm the area, soothe the pain and speed up the healing process. Do this 2 to 4 times per day until the swollen hemorrhoids goes down enough. Reduce treatment intervals when you get some piles relief.

After performing the sitz bath for hemorrhoids simply pat dry the tender area and moisturise it with some vaselene or unrefined coconut oil or similar. Witch Hazel is also often used to stop the itching and quickly reduce the swelling- put some on a tissue or cotton wool and dab onto the hemorrhoids (3 to 4 times daily). This makes the next bowel movement much easier and often painless.


We have discussed a great deal on how do you get hemorrhoids and what causes them and how to shrink them. By simply revisiting some of these plies trigger factors you could be well on your way to shrinking your hemorrhoids for good. However this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Do this Right NOW and save yourself years of embarrassment, pain and misery. You already know what causes hemorrhoids it is time to get rid of it fast and naturally and in privacy.

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