How to Prevent Hemorrhoids, What are the Symptoms, Causes & Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

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If you have been suffering from hemorrhoids for a while then learning how to prevent hemorrhoids is your best option to getting some fast relief. You must understand that there isn’t a complete cure for hemorrhoids if you are only taking prescription medication. These treatments can make hemorrhoids a temporary annoyance, instead of a never ending problem. In order to cure hemorrhoids and to prevent them from coming back, you must make some lifestyle changes and use proven tried and tested treatments to completely cure them.

How To Cure and Prevent Hemorrhoids

The natural way to cure and prevent hemorrhoids would incorporate a change of diet (increase fibre), increase water intake, exercise and never straining. Some great tips are included in this article.

What are Hemorrhoids (hemroids, roids)?

Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the lower end of the colon (the rectum), and the anus. We divide them into two groups, internal and external hemorrhoids.

Internal Hemorrhoids Symptoms: These piles symptoms include pain during bowel movement; bleeding, itching, and skin irritation. Internal hemorrhoids might not hurt, because inside the colon, there are less sensitive nerve endings.
On the other hand when hemorrhoids are formed on the outside of the anus they are termed external hemorrhoids. Their size depends on the severity of the problem. In some cases they might just be swollen veins whilst in other they can be the size of a walnut or bigger. The pain during a bowel movement can be excruciating and they often bleed.

How to Prevent Hemorrhoids & What Causes internal and External Piles?

1. Take Care of Your Diet.

Hemorrhoids can occur as a result of not eating enough fiber leading to chronic constipation. They can also be caused, by diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. If you’re constipated, or it simply takes some time to empty your bowels, then you must increase the amount of fiber, you intake daily. Constipation can cause both internal and external hemorrhoids as a result of the hardened larger stools that are forced through the anal canal.

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This causes a lot of friction and stretching of the hemorrhoidal tissues. The recommended quantity of fiber is at least30 grams a day. If you think that might not be enough, feel free to increase the amount of fiber you eat daily.
Note: Eating too much fiber, for a prolonged period of time, may lead to increased bowel movements and IBS, which could possibly lead to irritation of the hemorrhoids. Listen to your body and increase or decrease your fibre intake as necessary.

Make sure you have a regular bowel movement, but if you have more than 3 bowel movements a day your hemorrhoids may well swell again. If you suffer from diarrhea, see your doctor, ask for some anti-diarrhea pills. For those who suffer from IBS, unfortunately you’ll have to test, by yourself what foods you have to avoid. Never strain during a bowel movement and when the urge strikes just go as holding back can lead to constipation.

2. Don’t Sit Too Long on the Toilet.

Often our bowel movements can take more than 5 minutes. In order to prevent hemorrhoids from protruding or swelling, you may want to stand up from time to time to increase the blood flow. It is not ideal but may just save you a whole lot of pain later. Thoroughly clean yourself afterwards with warm water. When using soap opt for the mild creamy ones that gentle on the sensitive areas.

3. Lifting Heavy Weight

Another common cause for hemorrhoids is heavy lifting. Always lift heavy things in a squatting position, never lift anything heavy with your upper body only.

In the gym, avoid deadlifts, heavy squats, heavy bicep curls, and too much abdominal exercises like crunches. Instead of lifting heavy weights switch to high reps with low weight. Research has shown that lifting low weight, with high reps activates all motor units in the muscles, so you will get the same results whether you’re lifting heavy weight with low reps, or using low weight with high reps.

For your legs use the Bulgarian squats instead of regular squats.
Never stop breathing while exercising, never strain when you’re lifting weights. If you lift weights, and you stop breathing your blood pressure will rise, and you may develop hemorrhoids.

4. Walking

Walking is very important, find time for a walk. If you don’t have a lot of free time, then walk to work if you can. Note: If you don’t have stamina, then you’d better not walk too much to begin with. Try to walk more, than you do now, but don’t go for 6 miles, right away. You will get muscle inflammation, and your hemorrhoids will get worse.

5. Stress

Stress and high blood pressure are common causes of hemorrhoids. When we are under stress our blood pressure rises, and stress can cause stomach problems resulting in irregularities and consequently hemorrhoids. If you have high blood pressure, see your doctor, your high blood pressure may be what’s causing your hemorrhoids.

6. Prolonged Sitting

If you work in an office and you spend most of your time sitting, use a pillow on your chair. Put the things on your desk away from you, on purpose, so you will have to stand up, more often.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

One of the best natural hemorrhoid treatments is Diosmin. Diosmin is produced from Figs worth, a plant. It has very few side effects. Diosmin tightens the veins, and retracts your hemorrhoidal veins.

Some creams heal hemorrhoids effectively, if you’re using cream use it gently on the hemorrhoids. If the cream doesn’t give you significant results after one tube, change the cream.

Drink butcher’s broom, tea, or use capsules. Eat more lemons and oranges, they contain Diosmin. Also, they contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C tightens the veins hence it is a good idea to put this into your daily regime for how to get rid of hemorrhoids.

All the guidelines must become habits, otherwise your hemorrhoids will return. The minute you say my hemorrhoids are healed, I can get back to my old habits; your hemorrhoids will be back soon.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for how to prevent hemorrhoids. This article is not big enough to include them all. For more information visit:

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