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Disclaimer Policy

The information on this site (www.stemprogramme.com) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any hemorrhoid (Piles) symptoms. It is for information purposes only. The information presented is up to date as far as the researcher has ventured into the study and is subject to the researcher’s opinions and experience. Those seeking treatment for any specific problems/ diseases should consult their doctor or a medically trained health care professional in the field.

You should consult with a trained healthcare professional before starting any diet, or treatment program. On no account stop your medications without a thorough consultation with your doctor. If you suspect you have a health problem get it properly diagnosed by an expert in the field. Any direct links to product websites that are mentioned within the pages and posts of www.stemprogramme.com website may result in the product supplier paying a commission, if a visitor from this site purchases the product.

Thank You, Dr. James Clark


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