Best Natural Home Remedy Tips and Treatment for Agonizing Hemorrhoids

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Most people suffering from hemorrhoids will think of seeking medical attention but often home remedy for hemorrhoids is a good or even better alternative. Initial choices are based on lack of up to date treatment information. Doctors will access you and most probably prescribe some medicine for you. There is nothing wrong with seeking medical attention but drugs at this stage are not the best option for you. There are many ways one can treat piles without seeking the doctor’s services. Basic knowledge on hemorrhoids is highly essential in quickly getting some relief in case you’re suffering from this painful problem. The article will explain the basics of piles and some home remedies to help in treating them and getting some fast relief.

Piles Warning Signs

Hemorrhoids present themselves either internally or externally with each type showing specific signs and symptoms. They usually occur when veins within the anus get enlarged breaching the wall of the lower rectum anal canal. Some basic signs that will warn you that you are suffering from piles include:

  • Itchy feeling around the anus area. The itchy feeling makes people feel some irritation and most try to scratch themselves to ease the pain. There is some general discomfort in the rectal area. This makes it difficult to clean the infected area as individuals feel some burning pain as well as bleeding.
  • During the bowel movements, some bleeding may occur. After wiping yourself with tissue paper, some blood deposits may be seen on this. The tissue paper may also have some mucosal residue. Fresh red blood may also be seen on the stool surface and splashes on the inside of the toilet bowl and this should be a warning to people that they have hemorrhoids symptoms.
  • People suffering from piles also get some severe pains especially if the hemorrhoids bulges and stretches the anal muscles. When any of this signs are seen or felt, they are also very good indications that you are suffering from hemorrhoids symptoms. By knowing the probable signs, you are better placed to know what exactly you are dealing with.

Hemorrhoids Home Treatment

Often piles can be treated with some simple home remedies if people apply them well. Home remedies to treat various medical conditions has been used for many years since the time of our ancestors and is still been used even today. Some of the proven and well trusted home remedies for hemorrhoids that have helped many people suffering are as follows:

Witch hazel Solution/ Cream

This is a solution or cream that is found in most medicine cabinets and has been used to treat tropical conditions. This solution/ cream are usually applied to the infected area using a clean piece of cloth. It is capable of reducing the bleeding, the inflammation and the painful itchy feeling.

Gels from Aloe Vera

The gel is put on the finger which is then inserted into and around the rectum so that it can reach the deep infected area. It is another good natural tropical treatment that can bring about good fast relief. There are some applicator devices that can be bought with the cream to help people apply it to the inner affected parts.

Use of Epsom Salt

The salt can be bought from your local drug store or chemist. The salt is dissolved in warm water and sufferers can use a piece of soft cloth dipped into that water to clean the affected area. Cleaning the area continuously with the warm water can help reduce the pain and sooth the inflammation.

Vitamin E oil

The use of vitamin E oil has also shown to be very effective. People who have used this oil have gotten some quick relief. The oil usually comes in a capsule form which is pricked to let the oil ooze out. The part pricked is then inserted into the rectum and the capsule squeezed to push-out the oil and lubricate the anal passage.

Tips on Natural Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

As more and more people treat themselves naturally with hemorrhoids home remedies, there are a few tips that can help with the healing process. These tips include:

  • Drinking a lot of water. Water helps to make the stool softer so that it can pass through the anus much easier without causing much pain and without straining.
  • They should also avoid the intake of caffeine and alcohol as these dehydrates them making the stool harder.
  • If the pain is too much, the use of ice packs can be effective in helping to reduce the pain. The ice is usually rubbed or placed over the affected area and will reduce the pain.

Piles make people feel itchy hence the need to scratch them. They should avoid scratching them as they can tear the thin skin causing more pain, bleeding and infection.

When to Seek Medical Help?

This is an important question! One may have to seek medical attention if they are not getting any relief from the home remedies they have tried. If symptoms persist after trying some home remedies, it is essential for people to get some good medical advice for what to do for hemorrhoids. The advices maybe something like changing your diet, reducing stress, exercising and so on. If the condition is also serious, then medical help maybe necessary so that the condition does not get any worse.

In conclusion, a regular body check-up is necessary for people to know the status of their. As there are now some well proven treatments for getting rid of hemorrhoids there is no need for anyone to suffer in silence any more. Whether, you try medical or home treatments there is help for you. Build up enough courage and take the next step. It is not as embarrassing as you may think.

Remember that more than 50 % of people over 30 years are suffering from hemorrhoids! The number gets higher with age! Just think, maybe the person you are speaking too may be suffering from hemorrhoids as well!

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